I created my acct and I want to get verified.

  • Once you have created your paid acct we will contact you via phone and will do a few in-house steps to verify your company and point of contact. Once verified your page will be active for listing

Is there a Free trial?

  • Due to the industry today we do not offer free trials at the moment.

Refunds -

  • We do not offer refunds due to the setup and verification fees that take place to create employer accts. We charge for the full month after you have been verified. You can cancel your month-to-month via sending us an email

How many resumes can I receive per posting?

  • We do not put limits on how many resumes you can receive in reference to a posting on paid memberships.

I am a staffing agency and have many offices and recruiters I need a bigger plan.

  • We work with all levels and can create a custom package for your needs we can also do the complete setup for you.

I have multiple HR staff and need multiple logins.

  • Depending on your membership you can add as the admin of your page the employee their information. We will verify the employee's information - We do this to protect your listings and your company from fake listings -

Can you set everything up for us - Like the quizzes, interviews, and log-ins?

  • Yes, we can provide a full setup - We know our site is extensive and it can overwhelm at times when on a new platform. Our team can offer full support

Can I swap out listings?

  • If you are paying for a monthly subscription and have active listings- you can swap them by making one inactive and creating a new one.