We all have been on a job board site and nothing more frustrating than not having your listing categories, and paying too much for maybe a few resumes.

The job seekers getting not real job listings or get ghosted after interviews.

Our CEO heard it all and has been on both sides from the employer side to the employee side wanting to change things.

So this is why she came up with this platform.

It took time planning it does not happen overnight as we grow we will be adding more features and capabilities. I wanted to help companies and employees connect. We do verify every employee or employer on the site we will try our best to prevent fake job listings or employees that are not valid. For both safety and also makes it easier to hire.

Why we are different?

For employers get the resumes you need with no limitations or paid per click -

Create your own quizzes and interview questions - Not pre-build ones ask the questions you want in reference to your listings.

Download to excel the candidates.

Employees can have multiple resumes

We let our paid employers have a blog to talk about what's new in the industry.

Influencers are allowed to post on our site.

If at any time on our site you have an issue please email us and we will handle the issues that needed to be addressed.


The iam2team